Household Removals

There is simply no reason why you should have to be stressed out when it comes to moving to your new place especially when Thors Transport & Removals are here to help you out. Low Prices

Office Relocations

When a business is in the process of a relocation it needs to be sure it has their property in good hands.
That's where we can help.

Packing Materials

If you want to pack yourself.

We sell Boxes, Tape, Paper, Bubble Wrap, Plastic.

And we will buy back the boxes when you are finished with them.


Packing may seem simple when you think of your suitcase but when it comes to packing up the entire contents of your home it can be a lot harder. Let us take some pressure off so you can enjoy your move.

Price Per Box Supplied with Paper, Tape and Packed.


We can pull it apart and put it back together at the other end etc Beds,Trampolines .
Disconnect and connect Washing Machines.


We can arrange for your belongings to be stored in a state of the art storage complex.

We look forward to making your next move your best move!