How much notice do you need?
Answer: You can call anytime before your move but to ensure
we can move you on the day you want to move book at least 2 weeks before.

Should i take draws out of furniture?
Answer: No you don't have to take draws out but leaving things in draws
can make items heavier and more difficult to Maneuver.

What suburbs do you service?
Answer: We service all of Brisbane's suburbs and both Coasts.

Can i help?
Answer: Yes you can help. In fact helping move the small items can save a lot of time and cost.

Do you move pianos?
Answer: We can organise a professional piano mover for the move of your piano.
Although we could move it for you, we prefer leaving it to the professionals in that field.
They have the proper equipment and skills to move these delicate instruments with care.
Think about it, they move only pianos every day, we don't.
Most furniture removalist will charge extra for pianos it makes sense to get piano professionals.

When do I pay for my relocation?
Answer: On completion of your relocation, we will provide you with a tax invoice that is payable on the day.

Can you move my plants?
Answer: If you are moving locally.
Water them a couple of days before the move, you can give them a good water when they are set up
in their new home. And it stops the water from leaking through the truck and wetting your effects.